1. What does REVRY mean? How do you pronounce it?

"Reverie" is a three syllable word that means a fantastic or visionary idea. "REVRY" - on the other hand - is pronounced with only two syllables (rev - ree) but we like to think we share the definition of our linguistic inspiration.

2. What is REVRY?

REVRY is a revolutionary, multi-platform, content streaming service designed by and for the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), and allied communities. REVRY premiered on March 7, 2016 and has the distinct honor of being the very first dedicated-LGBTQ content streaming application for Apple TV and Google Chromecast, as well as being available on Roku and all devices that run iOS and Android operating systems.  REVRY focuses on the celebration, innovation, and queeration of LGBTQ entertainment.

3. What is Queeration?

Queeration is about curation, convenience, and diversity; all through the lens of a queer-centric viewpoint.

Curation: We believe that there is a vast ocean of top-quality content for the diverse queer community but it is often lost in the vastness of cyberspace, hidden among substandard titles, or buried in "niche" subcategories within mainstream content libraries. We are here to change that.

Convenience: REVRY is conveniently available on the most popular platforms (phones, tablet, and over-the-top television devices) and syncs easily between all devices.

Diversity: REVRY is about true diversity, in content and format. REVRY represents all the colors of the rainbow: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender-fluid, queer, questioning, and allied. In addition, REVRY embraces points of views and stories often overlooked and underrepresented in the traditional media including, but not limited to, black, latino, asian, people with disabilities, etc. But our commitment to diversity doesn't just stop there! Unlike many other digital streaming services, REVRY celebrates short-form content in a way that has never been seen before! We believe that, in today's world, nothing prevents "snackable" digital content from being just as good (or even better!) than traditional entertainment. This is why we have made short-form digital content - including web series, music videos, pure audio music, and podcasts - the backbone of our service.

4. Is REVRY just for gay audiences?

Not at all! REVRY is about inclusivity; plain and simple. Some of our content is about LGBTQ characters, some is created by LGBTQ filmmakers, some content features stories about straight characters that simply live in an LGBTQ-inclusive world, and other content is just kitschy and fun. REVRY offers a variety of titles fitting this bill, including Hug-O-Gram and The Velveteen Lounge Kitschy Kitchen, but more are on the way!

5. Is REVRY just for American audiences?

Not in the least! REVRY is a global network that seeks to represent all points of views from our myriad queer and allied experiences. For instance, REVRY is proud to showcase Starting From...NOW!  - an award-winning, Australian lesbian drama - as well as the work of MIRI - an indie British folk musician.

6. What if I'm a content creator and interested in having my work on REVRY?

We are always interested in top-quality content to add to our diverse library! If you are interested in having your work featured on REVRY, please reach out to us via the following email: submissions@revry.tv.

7. Does REVRY offer exclusives and original programming?

YES! We are excited to premiere the fifth and final season of Starting From...NOW! at the beginning of July 2016 as our first exclusive! We are also currently in the works on our first TWO original series, set to be announced this summer. Keep a look out!

8.  What if I want to pause or cancel my subscription?

While we would hate to see you go, you do, of course, have the option to cancel or simply pause your subscription on the purchases settings page here

When you cancel, your video access will continue until the next charging cycle, but don't worry; you will not be charged any further. 

9. How do I watch REVRY on my Apple TV?

Easily access the entire REVRY subscription library with the new REVRY Apple TV app.  Here are the steps to install the app on your Apple TV:

  1. Turn on your Apple TV (4th Generation).
  2. Navigate to and open the App Store.
  3. Search for REVRY.
  4. Install it!
  5. Once installed, go through the activation process onscreen to link your Apple TV and REVRY accounts.
  6. Enjoy.